Sunday, December 21, 2008

Making Christmas gifts

Today I did not go outside at all. It feels like twenty degrees below zero. I can't handle this kind of weather. I booked a trip to see my brother in California. Hope that gets me through the winter. So I made some jewelry and here is a photo of some of the things I made. I also have been making lots of cards to give as gifts.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tina doing the Penguin Dance

Quilting Frenzy

I made a list of life goals when I was in high school. When the movie Bucket List came out I figured everybody must have such a list. Then I found out I am the oddball. Anyhow, one of my life goals was to piece a quilt together. I started on Thursday and finished on Monday making this queen sized quilt for my bed. My niece helped by stacking the pieces together for me and pinning groups together and as I chain stitched them, she cut them apart. She was as excited as I was to make the quilt.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Friday

On Black Friday I did not partake in the crazy frenzy of shoppers. I have in the past, but this year feel more donations to charity are appropriate than buying gifts for others. So, if I can't make it with things I have, you probably aren't getting a gift this year. Anyhow, my wonderful neighbor and friend had a birthday and this is what I made for her. It is a fabric book with many pockets containing prayer cards or scripture verses. Enjoy!!!

Where have I been?

Ok, I've not posted in awhile. My sister retired from 20 years in the Air Force so the family flew to Colorado Springs for her retirement ceremony. Then she had reserve duty for 24 straight days in October while I watched her daughter 24/7. My dad had surgery and was in the hospital for 12 days and I was going quite often to see him even though it isn't close by. Then my hubby's grandmother whom I visit daily for 4 years since she's been in a foster care home was moved to another town and I try to go twice a week to see her. Did I mention I had a 16 day period of bleeding and developed shingles during this time???? Ok. I had a retirement party for my sister Nov. 14 and now am back on track. Oh yeah, during this time my computer crashed and I got another one...took that back and got another's ok but I think it should do more for how much I paid. Can't seem to make my videos load so I'm just doing photos and may have to do some research....Vista may have a crazy place it is putting them...or my Kodak software isn't working right with Vista....