Monday, January 19, 2009

Fabric Art Assignment two

Hmmm....foiling on fabric might not be something I do a lot of! I did use Heat n' Bond to make the diamonds and used glue stick for the other shapes. I did not find any great success with stamping. Another lady stenciled her foil and it was AMAZING so I'll show hers also...but makes me look like a kindergarten student! Making the fabric beads was great fun. I liked making them very small.

Things I made recently

On January 17 a friend & I drove to Castilia OH to visit some friends and craft. Pat Catan's is moving so they had 25% off everything. Of course, I HAD to go there. After that we unloaded our purchases and headed to a quilt store that had 40% off batiks. I was being reasonable until I saw their bin of fat quarters for $1.75 each. Anywho, here is a photo of what I made. Actually, we did more things than this. We did several different techniques of dyeing on silk. We also did many techniques from Bernie Berlin's Artist Trading Card workshop but since I was showing the techniques, I guess I didn't make many of them! I dyed silk, did silk screen printing, made fabric beads and made an ATC out of UTEE. My kitty is Saber because he bites my husband's feet! I guess he wanted to be in the photo.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My son's truck

My younger son is in the Marines and was home on leave and the guys all worked on his truck and painted it. It is metallic silver on top, fades to metallic charcoal grey, and black on the bottom. The clear coat finish really makes it shine so much it is hard to see the paint job in the photos. They even dyed the headliner and painted the vinyl dash and door parts. It looks like new. So, all the guys were out in the barn Christmas Eve and after working on this. My son is very happy with it. Our talented friend and neighbor was the painter.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fabric Art Lesson one

This lesson had us use fusible fibers and I added ink as you can see the images much nicer that way. Also, we had several techniques with Shiva paintstiks, using a stencil, a rubbing plate, and torn paper.

Watercolor Workshop lesson one

For a watercolor workshop we had to make a color chart which is fun and I like to do this sort of thing. Great fun! Also, we had to do something with our name. Since I have a weird name I chose the diamond shape for it. It is harder than you think to write things about yourself in different handwriting. Yes, there are many examples on the internet!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

fiber scarf

I've been wanting to make this scarf for a couple of years so I finally gave it a go. You use fibers and lay them one way and then lay some perpendicular. Use Super Solvy stabilizer and then stitch vertically and then horizontally to capture and anchor it all together.