Saturday, December 5, 2009

ATC swap and weekend at Puff's

Friday, Dec. 4, I got off work and came home to pack. Off to Gallery 237 in Toledo to trade ATCs and the theme was Metal Mania. Of course, we met at Spaghetti Warehouse first and amazingly Puff & Teri and I arrived at the same time. On my way I realized I forgot bread for Saturday so I stopped in Ann Arbor and got Whole Wheat bread from Zingerman's. Yes, it was a hit! ...back to the ATC thing...Probably about 20 ladies attended this event. I must say the level of artistry was great and it was really hard to select the atcs. After that we went to Pop Up which is a new gallery just down the street. Teri was so lucky to get one really cool necklace. Santa came to town for sure! It is in my slideshow after this post. Many things having to do with sewing and she is a quilter so it fits her to a T.

Teri was a saint and helped me finish my Christmas cards. My niece stayed two nights and worked on them and I send out about 80 so we made 100! Glad to get them in the mail before I go to Hawaii.

Saturday we did the cookie cutter idea that was in the Nov/Dec issue of Somerset Studio. Mine are in the slideshow after this post. Let me know what you think!

Cynthia showed us how to make some angels and they are just too cute!!!


Vicki Holdwick said...


Nice slide show. What nice ATCs and such a variety.

Are those angels made from large paper clips?

Love the sewing themed necklace.


Rianne said...

Loved the atç show. Funny Santa Claus too. What a nice angels did you make those fron paperclips??
Please teach me too.
hugs rianne

Tina Hamilton said...

The angels are made from paper clips already in that shape. Put ribbon thru the angel and slide a bead over it. Presto!