Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June Weekend at Puff's

On Friday, June 6, Sherry, Linda & I went to Puff's. Sherry had a detour due to a barn that was in the road. Apparently, there was a tornado! Anyhow, we had a bit of rain but made the three hour trek. We arrived at 10 pm and stayed up chatting and sharing new treasures with each other until midnight. In the morning we went to Pat Catan's (a store that has many crafting products) for about an hour...ran into another lady that was going to meet us at Puff's and then to Kroger for Sherry to get her angel food cakes.

We did a round robin with our tags. We painted them ourselves and then passed one to each person. We decorated both sides.

Puff also had her latest purchases from our last excursion on the couch so I took a photo of that.

Cynthia made a really cool theater.

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