Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend with Claudine Hellmuth

Spent May 23 -25, 2008 with Claudine Hellmuth at Art in the Loft in Alpena, Michigan. The workshop space was fabulous! They provided a light breakfast each morning and coordinated ordering lunch for us each day. Lots of lighting and three people were there to assist us with anything we might need. Claudine Hellmuth taught us many collage techniques. The first day we mixed our own paint colors and used paint chips as our guide for the color. Then we did a round robin tag swap and had to match the color of the tags we were given. It was fun!

This is a peeled paint collage. My friend, Rianne Smarius, from The Netherlands said if they plan to drink, they ride their bikes as a ticket is so expensive. I made this collage in her honor.

On Saturday we worked on making backgrounds with the peeled paint, peeling paper, and textured paint. We also learned about composition and learned to do transfers with gel
medium, Magic Cover contact paper from Target.

This is an example of peeling paper. I glued the image with gel medium and then used masking tape to peel off certain areas.

On the right is textured paint. It's not showing up well in the photo but it is in the lower right corner.

On Sunday Claudine did a beeswax demo. She showed how to do a transfer on beeswax. I bought her new DVD and feel it was worth every cent! It has so many ideas and I have been doing beeswax for awhile myself and still learned quite a bit. She also showed us how to make poppets. My roommate, Puff, and I went back to our room and made quite a few of them.


Rianne said...

Hi Tina, this is a very good start and i'm glad that i will be the first to leave a comment.
So keep on going.
hugs rianne

Fenny said...

Hello Tina, I love to see youre great art. And yes it is a very good start, like Rianne said. So I wil often come to visit in the future.

hugs fenny